An add on module to Charade Brioche

Not a stand alone class, but a tool to use with Charade Brioche Sweater Class. Get the Bundle HERE

If you bundle the class with the Customization Unit you'll also get lessons & tools on:

- Body measurements

- Alternative Brioche chart

- Altering your sweater map

- Working a different front and back

- Design proportions & considerations

- Estimating your yarn from your swatch

- AND your customization spreadsheet that does all the math for you 😱❤️ 

NOTE: Spreadsheet created on Excel, but can also be opened with Numbers or google doc, comes with instructions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Customization Extras for Charade Brioche

    • I.1. lesson 1: Welcome to Your Customization Journey!

    • 1.1. lesson 2: Welcome Video

    • I.1. lesson 5 - CUSTOMIZING UNIT - Body Measurements

  • 2

    Part II: Planning (Live Oct 22, 7:00 pm ET)

    • II.1.lesson 6 - CUSTOMIZATION UNIT - Design Considerations

    • II.1.lesson 7 - CUSTOMIZATION UNIT - Planning it Out & Sweater Mapping

    • II.1.lesson 8 - CUSTOMIZATION UNIT - Working with the spreadsheet

    • II.1.lesson 9 - CUSTOMIZATION UNIT - yarn estimates

  • 3

    Part IV: Finishing (live Nov 19, 7:00 pm ET)

    • IV.1.lesson 6 - CUSTOMIZATION UNIT - Neck Options

Is the class perfect for me?

Yes! If you're ready to learn!

I am often asked to name the "level" of a class. If you can knit, purl, cast on and bind off, know simple increases and decreases AND are willing to learn - YOU CAN DO IT! Don't let arbitrary labels hold you back from knitting the sweater of your dreams. Remember, the course content is yours for LIFE and never expires, so take your time and grow your skills