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1 (2, 3, 4) (5, 6, 7) (8, 9, 10)

Finished Measurements (for all sizes)

NOTE: Cardigan does not close in front. Chest measurements are twice the back measurement.

Chest: 32 (34, 36, 38) (42, 46 ½, 50) (54, 58, 62)“ / 81.5 (86.5, 91.5, 96.5) (106.5, 118, 127) (137, 147.5, 157.5) cm    

Front Length: 26 ¼ (27 ¼, 27 ¾, 28) (28 ¾, 29 ¼, 30 ¼,) (31, 32, 32 ½)” / 66.5 (69, 70.5, 71, 73, 74.5, 77, 78.5, 81.5, 82.5) cm. Measured from center back from the base of the collar when garment is lying flat.

Shown 34”/86.5 cm: Dark Teal Granville, with 1”/2.5 cm over high chest, zero ease over full chest.

Shown 36”/91.5: Blue Stone Worthington, with zero ease over high chest, 2”/5 cm negative ease over full chest.

Video Class Tutorials Include:

– Turned seamed hem
– German Short rows
– Chart reading
– Lace tricks
– Fixing mistakes in lace
– Working the lace for combo knitters
– How to adjust pattern for gauge
– Working a short row shawl collar
– Setting in a sleeve
– Picking up stitches
– Left lifted and right lifted increase and MORE!


You will receive the whole pattern at once, on Feb 26, and people will be joining in all during the KAL, but to keep the fun of us all working together, the video tutorials will come out on a schedule.


Jan 23: On sale / Intro pattern videos & tutorials

Feb 26: FULL PATTERN RELEASE. Sweater back videos, lace skills, sweater modifications & tutorials

March 12: Sweater front videos, sweater modifications & tutorials

March 26: Sleeves

April 9: Shawl Collar and Finishing

April 23: Grand prizes awarded


Randomly drawn participation prizes awarded every other week, the sooner you cast on, the better chances to win!


What you'll learn

Course curriculum - Learn at Your Own Pace!

NOTE - this is the list of lessons, not the actual class. If you have already purchased the class, you'll find the class in your dashboard. Open and play from there.

  • 1

    Before We Get Started

    • Welcome to Patty's Education Site

    • General Video Sweater Class FAQ

    • How to Set Up Your Ravelry Project Page (optional, for those on Ravelry)

    • How to Add Your Pattern to Your Ravelry Library

  • 2

    PART 1 - Jan 23rd : Introduction to Costa Maya Video Sweater Class

    • I.1 Welcome To Costa Maya (Video)

    • I.2 What Size Shall I Make? (Video)

    • I.3 - Yarn Properties & How to Swatch (Video)

    • I.4 - Can't Match Stitch Gauge — Gauge Info Sheet (Download)

    • I.5 - Pattern reading Tips (Video)

  • 3

    🧶 PATTERN & FAQ - FEB 26th:



  • 4

    PART 2, Chapter 1 - FEB 26th: Basic Stitches

    • II.1.1 - One Move SSK (Basic Skill)

    • II.1.2 - LLI & RLI (Basic Skill)

    • II.1.3 - Control the Size of YO (Basic Skill)

    • II.1.4 - CDD (Basic Skill)

    • II.1.5 - Combination Variations (Basic Skill)

  • 5

    PART 2, Chapter 2 - FEB 26th: Sweater Back Intro

    • II.2.1 - Sweater Back Intro (Video & Text)


  • 6

    PART 2, Chapter 3 - FEB 26th Sweater Back Planning - Tools & Modifications

    • II.3.1 - Sweater back mapping (Video & Download)

    • II.3.2 - Altering Body Length or Didn't Match Row Gauge (Download)

  • 7

    PART 2, Chapter 4 - FEB 26th Chapter Three: Lace Skills

    • II.4.1 - Chart Basics (Video)

    • II.4.2 - Practice Swatch & Reading Your Knitting (Video)

    • II.4.3 - Fixing Mistakes in Lace (Video & Text)

  • 8

    PART 2, Chapter 5 - FEB 26th: Working the Back

    • II.5.1 - Casting On: Improve Long Tail Cast On (YouTube links)

    • II.5.2 - Turned Hem (Video)

    • II.5.3 - Bind off Trick (Video)

    • II.5.4 - Sloped BO (Basic Skill)

    • II.5.5 - Blocking the Back (Video & Text)

  • 9

    PART 3, Chapter 1 - MARCH 12th: Sweater Front Intro

    • III.1.1 - Front Intro & Mini Pattern (Video & Download)


  • 10

    PART 3, Chapter 2 - MARCH 12th: Sweater Front Planning - Tools & Modifications

    • III.2.1 - Front sweater mapping (Video & Downloads)

    • III.2.2 - Working Two Different Sizes OR Altering Neck Depth (Download)

  • 11

    PART 3, Chapter 3 - MARCH 12th: Working the Sweater Front

    • III.3.1 - German Short Rows (Basic Skill)

    • III.3.2 - Bottom Section of Short Row Bust (Video)

    • III.3.3 - Top Section of Short Row Bust (Video)

    • III.3.4 - Neck and Armhole - Demoing on My Mini (Video & Text)

    • III.3.5 - Blocking the Front (Video)

  • 12

    PART 4, Chapter 1 - MARCH 26th: Sleeves

    • IV.1.1 - Sleeves Intro (Video)

    • ❓IV.1.2 - Sleeves & Finishing FAQ - CHECK HERE BEFORE POSTING A QUESTION

  • 13

    PART 4, Chapter 2 - MARCH 26th: Sleeve Planning - Tools & Modifications

    • IV.2.2 - Sleeve Modifications- Adjust Your Cap if Your Row Gauge is Off (Download)

    • IV.2.1- Sleep Mapping (Download)

  • 14

    PART 5, Chapter 1 - APRIL 9th: Shawl Collar Planning - Tools & Modifications

    • V.1.1 - Finishing Intro & Mini Shawl Collar Pattern (Video & Download)

    • V.1.2- Shawl Collar Modification (Download)

  • 15

    PART 5, Chapter 2 - APRIL 9th: Finishing & Shawl Collar

    • V.2.1 - Seaming Slope BO (Video)

    • V.2.2 - Picking up Stitches (Video)

    • V.2.3 - Short Row Shawl Collar (Video & Download)

    • V.2.4 - Binding Off (Video)

    • V.2.5 - Blocking the Shawl Collar (Video)

    • V.2.6 - Set in a sleeve (Basic Skill)

    • V.2.7 - Mattress Stitch (Basic Skill)

    • CONGRATS!!!

What Students Are Saying About Patty's Classes

  • This was the first video class I did with Patty. It was great, and I love the end product! In this class I learned several new techniques that I still use all the time, such as doing the ssk stitch in a single move, and knitting backward and forward. I loved this class and ended up taking another one later in the year. Thanks for all and for your excellent teaching style. - Elaine Keavney

  • It is extremely hard not to write a book with all that I have learned about knitting a sweater and being able to modify the pattern to my preferences. Patty is a wonderful teacher who really encourages the knitter to try and figure things out on their own . . . but always there with her ever watchful eye. - Mary

  • The videos so far have been incredible. The way I figure it, I’ve already learned enough to feel like the class is a great big bargain. - Elizabeth


Patty Lyons

PATTY LYONS is a nationally recognized knitting teacher and technique expert who is known for teaching the "why" not just the "how" in her pursuit of training the “mindful knitter”. She specializes in sweater design and sharing her love of the much-maligned subjects of gauge and blocking. Patty designs and knitting skill articles have been published in Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, Knit Purl, Knitter's Magazine, Cast On, Knit Style, Creative Knitting, and Twist Collective. Patty also is a regular contributor to Modern Daily Knitting where she writes a knitter’s advice column: "Ask Patty." Patty's designs have also been included in pattern collections from Classic Elite, Noro, Cascade, Tahki Stacy Charles, Sugar Bush and Willow Yarns. Patty has helped thousands of knitters become confident, mindful knitters who take control of their stitches!

What's Included?

A fully written, and charted pattern with a full video sweater class. NEVER EXPIRES! Includes:

  • Hours of video tutorials, as well as sweater modification tutorials for: gauge, sizing, altering length, neck, sleeves, hips, chest - you name it!

  • Ask the teacher discussion boards. I'll be here with you every step of the way. Want to share with other knitters? We also have a community group to share photos and fun.

  • Fully accessible class with subtitles in english (other languages available upon request), large text braille reader ready pattern. Pattern written and charted.

Is the class perfect for me?

Yes! If you're ready to learn!

I am often asked to name the "level" of a class. If you can knit, purl, cast on and bind off, know simple increases and decreases AND are willing to learn - YOU CAN DO IT! Don't let arbitrary labels hold you back from knitting the sweater of your dreams. Remember, the course content is yours for LIFE and never expires, so take your time and grow your skills